Invisibilia and tube gossip

Suddenly Invisibilia is once again popular and links are flying in from across the web:

 All within the last week or so. Strange, but that’s how the internet works. I felt that since so many people were clicking, I should add some new pics.

I’ve also redesigned the tube gossip page a bit. I decided that for 2009 I can’t really manage 10 things overheard on the underground so I’ve limited myself to five. It’s too much of a chore trying to overhear 10 things, and although I get a fair few contributions from members of the public, it’s rarely enough. 

Also, I felt like rejigging the page design a bit, although I’m not really sure if I like the new picture. Playing around in my very old copy of Dreamweaver 4.0 made me realise that my webdesign skills haven’t actually improved since 2003. I really want the website to look a little less clumsy, but I’m not really sure how to do it…

Radio show

Tomorrow (Friday) evening, I’m going to be on the radio. I was contacted by someone from Phoenix FM, which is an Essex radio station, to be interviewed for their book club show. I’ll also be playing a few tunes, provided my MP3 player works. The show will run from 7-8pm.

I’ve never really been to Essex, but I’m sure it’s civilized and there are outlets to buy houmouss and taramasalata.

Info on the show can be found here, and you can listen live here. I’ve no idea if you can listen from abroad, but you can give it a try.

An interview with me

I’ve been feeling quite depressed and morose recently. It’s raining every day, it’s dark by 4pm, I’m struggling with work and it’s an uphill battle to get out of bed in the morning.

So, it’s nice when something good happens. Such as me being interviewed by Simon from the brilliant Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green.

You can read the interview here: