This advert annoys me

Most television adverts are annoying. Some are annoying because they are painfully unfunny, or misleading or offer a lifestyle that is clearly only unobtainable through credit fraud or a job in the city. This particular advert is annoying because it confuses me. Every time I watch it I think: “Why? Why did they choose that scenario?”

The advert is for Ford Commercial vehicles and it follows in a long line of Ford Commercial vehicles in which a scene unfolds and as it does, the protagonists and supporting characters are beseiged by large CGI labels explaining how Ford Commercial vehicles contributed to their life. In this case the advert depicts the final moments of a football match, with a vital goal securing glory for one of the teams. Rather than staging their own football match, the makers of the advert decided to use an archive match. As something of a footballing purist, it’s the choice of goal that annoys me.

Now, if I were making an advert that depicted a dramatic goal, I would choose a) two teams that the British public were familiar with b) a blockbuster goal that would be incredibly memorable and c) a scenario where the goal actually mattered.

Instead, we get the following:

  • Two unknown teams (I think they are playing in the Greek league. I suspect one of the teams is Panathaniakos)
  • A really terrible goal. The ball is chipped in to the striker. He doesn’t hit the ball very well and the goalkeeper saves it, pushing it out to his left. Another striker follows up the shot and hits it goalwards.  Except the goalkeeper reaches it, but fumbles the save and both ball and goalkeeper end up in the back of the net. It’s a really shit goal. The manager on the touchline is craning and even he can’t tell at first whether it’s a goal or not
  • Still, even if the goal is rubbish, perhaps it’s an important goal. Maybe the score was 0-0 and this goal makes all the difference. But no. The commentator excitedly yelps: “It’s 3-1! And that’s the goal that seals it!” so it wasn’t even an important goal. The goalscoring team were already winning anyway

Every time I watch the advert, those thoughts pass through my head. It annoys me.