Invisibilia and tube gossip

Suddenly Invisibilia is once again popular and links are flying in from across the web:

 All within the last week or so. Strange, but that’s how the internet works. I felt that since so many people were clicking, I should add some new pics.

I’ve also redesigned the tube gossip page a bit. I decided that for 2009 I can’t really manage 10 things overheard on the underground so I’ve limited myself to five. It’s too much of a chore trying to overhear 10 things, and although I get a fair few contributions from members of the public, it’s rarely enough. 

Also, I felt like rejigging the page design a bit, although I’m not really sure if I like the new picture. Playing around in my very old copy of Dreamweaver 4.0 made me realise that my webdesign skills haven’t actually improved since 2003. I really want the website to look a little less clumsy, but I’m not really sure how to do it…