Interview for a German travel magazine

Yesterday I was interviewed for a German travel magazine. Kathleen, the journalist in question, emailed me about a month or so saying that they were producing a new travel guide to London and wanted to hear from a proper Londoner, and thought the idea of themanwhofellasleep’s London would appeal to people. I did explain to her that I hardly know London and rarely leave Muswell Hill, but even that didn’t put her off. The magazine isn’t quite a magazine – it looks like a magazine but the guides are only published once every 8 years, so it’s going to be in newsagents for a long time.

The day started with Kathleen, Martin the German photographer, and his English assistant Ian meeting me near my flat. Then Martin took photos of me sitting at my desk, with ashtray, books, and notepad artfully arranged around me as I wistfully stared out of the window, pretending to be a writer.

Then we moved on to Alexandra Palace, where I posed outside the Palace and Martin lay on the ground with the dirt and cigarette butts, taking photos of me from the appropriate angles. We then got the bus up to Highgate, so I could be photographed outside a tube station. I ended up sitting atop a concrete pillar outside the lower entrance to the station, looking out into the distance as people walked by and smirked at me. We then decamped to The Woodman pub where I cradled a pint of Guinness and scribbled into a tiny notepad as Martin took even more photos.

The photographers then left and Kathleen and I returned to my flat so she could ‘interview me’. It turned out to basically be me rambling incoherently about London as she recorded it all on a digital machine. I thought I mostly talked bollocks, but she seemed to think it sounded ok.

I now have to wait until May 09 for the thing to be published.

Celeb spot no. 179

This afternoon my girlfriend and I ended up taking my little nephew for a walk (well, we walked, he sat in the pram) around Highgate Woods. It was very pleasant and leafy and middle-class. We managed to successfully get him to chase balls and sit on the swings without damaging him. Fortunately, he didn’t do a poo as neither of us much fancied changing a nappy.

On the outskirts of the wood, sitting on a bench, wearing a chequered shirt and talking on his mobile was Ben Wishaw, star of Perfume, I’m Not There, Criminal Justice and Nathan Barley. I would have said hello to him (and triggered an awkward conversation in which I expected to be treated as an equal, rather than some random stranger) but as I said, he was on the phone. Maybe he wasn’t really on the phone, but didn’t want to talk to me. Yes, that would make sense.

Oh, and for those of you with Facebook, you can now be a fan of themanwhofellasleep on there. It’s magical.