Hello. This is a brief and boring post to ask about work projects.

Over the last ten years I’ve worked freelance. Over that period I’ve done copywriting, have worked as a subeditor, have written the news online and have done a little bit of illustration but mostly I’ve worked in e-learning; writing and structuring corporate training courses. It’s not very exciting but some of the projects are interesting, and it pays the bills. In the last couple of years I’ve also done a bit of work in social media, writing and overseeing Twitter and Facebook accounts and generally helping companies avoid some of the more obvious pitfalls. I’ve enjoyed it (most of the time) and would quite like more of the same, please.

Now, as a freelancer you’re supposed to have lots of different employers so when one isn’t offering you work, you can ask around. With my usual hubris, I haven’t done this, so the vast majority of my work comes from the same supplier and when things are quiet for them they are very quiet for me -and I spend my days sat at home, writing stupid things on Twitter and occasionally publishing a book. Towards the end of last year things got very quiet and I vowed that I’d make 2012 the year in which I either got a full-time job or was at the very least working freelance most of the time.

I do enjoy exploring my creative side and it’s lovely that in the last six years I’ve written and published two books (and I want to do some writing for TV and radio; something I dabbled in many years ago) but realistically it makes very little money.

Twitter has put me in contact with some very useful people and helped me get work, but I suspect that it also prevents me getting work.  I imagine that people look at my profile, see that I have lots of followers and therefore assume I already have some kind of glittering media career. I don’t. People assume I’m some kind of journalist or media figure and whilst I do enjoy a certain cult status in small, dark corners of the Internet, the fact is that most of the time I am just a man sitting in a room, twiddling his thumbs. I have the Twitter profile of a man with a brilliant writing career (last month The Independent named me as one of their “Influential non-celebrity voices“) but I have the income of a man who keeps walking into doors. Ironically, I’m followed on Twitter by lots of people who seem to work in the industries I’d like to explore, but somehow the connections are rarely made.

Now, I am realistic: I don’t expect immediate work and fortunately I do have some projects in the pipeline. I’m not desperate for work, but I’d like to start sorting out my life (next month I turn 37. It’s madness. I vowed to remain 25 forever) to the extent that I have regular work so that when one project ends I have something else lined up other than staring blankly at a wall. I also realise that for the sake of my mental health, I need some work that involves leaving the flat, going to an office and talking to other human beings. That seems like a reasonable start.

So, if you think you could use my talents and want to chat or take a look at my CV, please drop me a line on themanwhofellasleep at hotmail dot com.

Thank you.

One thought on “Work

  1. Can’t do anything useful like offer you a job… but I would just like to say that I bought your book ‘London Tales’ one day when I was in the Big Green Book shop, very broke, but had my last remaining credit card with any credit left on it with me. I was looking for something to inspire my daughter who was trying to put together her own graphic novel for an ‘A’ level project and needed a bit of inspiration – and thought your book might help! And then a while later I noticed you were on Twitter and have enjoyed following your ramblings (you’re right, you do tweet a lot!)
    I hope someone really useful does come along quite soon with lots of enjoyable (and well paid) work for you – but until then, keep tweeting…

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