November 21, 2010

I haven’t wasted my time off Twitter. Oh no. Never. I’ve sent various emails and also updated my CV. I’m available for work if anyone fancies hiring me to do things. I’m a social media guru. I’m followed on Twitter by Charlie Brooker. That’s got to be worth 5o grand a year.

But I’ve mainly spent time being Greg as opposed to being themanwhofellasleep, which is time well spent. I also met Ricky Villa. I’ll write about that properly some other time.

I’ve done some stuff that involves words and pictures. It was, like most things, an accident. I will continue to add pictures when I feel like it:  http://www.themanwhofellasleep.com/londontales.html

Oh, and for those who missed my last book quiz at the Big Green Bookshop and want to have a go at home, here are the questions: http://www.themanwhofellasleep.com/questions_nov.doc and here are the answers: http://www.themanwhofellasleep.com/answers_nov.doc

I may return to Twitter soon. I’ve quite enjoyed my break. It’s odd because yesterday I had a quick peek from behind the curtains and it looked ridiculous. Like a load of grown men dressed as worms having an argument about X Factor. I felt a twinge.



  1. I am on a comment form.

  2. Twitter isn’t as good without you.

  3. I am a comment
    Twitter isn’t as good without you
    I am a full stop.

  4. I meant to do that.

  5. I was reading about this site in Wired and thought of you…could be worthwhile?

  6. You are missed.
    Not every day, but there are times.

    Come back to twitter or I will have to keep coming here, and that is a lot of work for me.

  7. You’re great on twitter. One of the funniest. However, understand it can’t be easy and must be time consuming. Hope you come back soon.

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