Jade’s legacy

April 4, 2009

Many thousands of words have been written about Jade Goody over the last few months – mostly crap, with the occasional slice of wisdom accidentally slipping past dozy sub-editors. I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said. Charlie Brooker summed it up quite well here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWqvWFUj51k

A lot has been written about “Jade’s Legacy”. Today was Jade’s funeral, and I found myself reading the BBC news story about the event. And a few passages struck me as particularly apposite:

Former Blue singer Anthony Costa says he was “absolutely devastated” Jade had gone. “I hope her legacy goes on.”

After the service he admits he is “very upset”.

Despite everything, it doesn’t stop a member of the public from taking a picture of the pop star. “I know it’s a sad day, but can you smile please?” asks the fan.

Many try desperately to get on TV by waving at various camera crews and calling home to find out if they can be seen.

When I first read that, I tutted to myself and thought about how feckless and stupid some people are – turning a funeral into a chance to be on telly. And then I re-read the start of the passage and realised that actually, it was completely appropriate – it was indeed Jade’s legacy; the desperate need  to be on camera, no matter the occasion – no matter that this was the funeral of a young mother who died horribly young. This unquenchable thirst for fame, even if the fame is simply gurning at the camera as a minor celebrity wanders past – that’s something of a legacy, isn’t it? And who knows? Perhaps the next Jade Goody was amongst the crowd, unknowingly waiting for the media to pluck her from obscurity and onto the front pages of the tabloids.


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  1. It’s like an endless feedback loop.

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