Still ill

March 20, 2009

Twitter is rapidly taking over my life. It’s a cunning little website, designed to indulge the basest aspects of your ego. As such, it’s very hard for me to resist. There’s really no point to it other than to impress people with what you’re doing or what you’re pretending to be doing.  Unlike facebook, there’s no pretence that the people you’re interacting with are in any sense ‘friends’. It’s having an alarming effect on my productivity and I’m lazy at the best of times.

I’ve spent the last two days mostly in bed with the flu (probably just a bad cold). I did have some interesting hallucinations from watching too much Bleach (a fairly generic Manga) and have been taking aspirin like its going out of fashion. I’m in the office today, but will be heading back to bed as soon as I can. When it’s sunny in London, bed is really the only sane option.

Really rubbish celeb spot: I popped out for lunch and spotted Tom Parker Bowles (the son of Camilla) on Westbourne Grove. I felt a bit ashamed that I recognised him.

I’ve also added a few new entries to the journal.


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