Walking, Simon Pegg, Twitter

March 15, 2009

So far I’ve had two replies to my pop quiz. One person admitted they didn’t know any of the songs, but he was Dutch, so he is forgiven. The other person did quite well but must not be allowed to win.  In hindsight, 25 intros may have been too many.

Yesterday I went for a pleasant stroll, doing a bit of the north London Parkland walk. I did the whole thing last week, and it was very relaxing indeed. I’ve been under quite a bit of stress recently and cliched though it sounds, long, solitary walks do me a lot of good. The walks have to be fairly sedate (no point walking along the hard shoulder of a motorway) and have to be somewhere I’m relatively unfamiliar with (I’ve walked from my flat to Muswell Hill approximately 4256 times in the last month alone). The Parkland walk stretches from Alexandra Palace to Finsbury Park, and aside from a short stretch on the road around the back of Archway, it’s all parkland and woods. I’d recommend it.

Anyway, yesterday, walking through Highgate Wood, I passed Simon Pegg. “This is my chance!” I thought. “I shall approach Mr Pegg and get him to help me become a comedy/film star.” But he was with middle-aged people who looked  like they might be his parents, so I left him alone. It’s wrong to disturb people when they’re with family.

Meanwhile, I have succumbed to peer pressure and joined Twitter. There’s something very addictive about it,  far too many people using it are smug twats and you probably only really benefit from it if you own various mobile devices for posting on the move – and I refuse to follow Stephen Fry. Nevertheless, I quite enjoy it. Brevity is good.

I just got a spam email telling me I’d won the Dutch lottery. Even by spam standards, it was quite implausible.


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