Old ladies fight

Yesterday, as I sat on the 134 up to Highgate, I saw a fight between two women of advanced age. They clashed outside White Stuff in Muswell Hill. They briefly exchanged words, before the first woman (dark hair, early 60s) walloped the second woman (white hair, probably late 50s) with her shopping bag. The second woman didn’t take this lying down, and responded in kind, swinging her shopping bag with force at her opponent’s face. There was a brief stand-off before the second woman stormed off. The first woman turned and screamed: “YOU BITCH!”

It was mildly worrying/entertaining. Everyone goes on about youth crime and violence, so it was good to see the older generation doing their bit.

On the journey back home, non-comedian Roland Rivron got on bus. He got off outside La Porchetta. He looked unremarkable.

Meanwhile… my attempts to get fit have been put on hold. I’ve had a nasty cold for about 3 weeks and every time I go to the gym, it gets worse. So for now, I’m not doing any exercise other than grinding my teeth.

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