It’s very cold

January 6, 2009

It is indeed very cold. The papers are saying it’s -8 degrees, but if that were the case London would be completely frozen over and ice zombies would be roaming the streets. The BBC says it’s 2 degrees in London, although the mythical wind-chill-factor may have something to say about that.

In some ways I’m quite pleased it’s cold, because it justifies my sensible clothing. Nowadays I dress very safely indeed. If it’s anytime between November and February I won’t leave the house without a thick sweater, a heavy coat, a scarf and a hat. And yet I saw people wandering the streets in t-shirts. Madness! Yes, it was mild, but at any moment a cold snap could have descended. In my current state of mind, fashion means nothing – the only important thing is that I remain protected from the elements. Mothers everywhere should be proud.

Incidentally, yesterday was my first day back at work and was predictably exhausting (I wasn’t built for work. I was built for pleasure. And guilt. And anxiety). At lunchtime I popped into the hospice charity shop opposite Whiteleys. There was, of course, a copy of Cloud Atlas awaiting me.



  1. The nice thing about it being cold is that I worry less about the Earth heating up. (I’m still hoping the scientists are wrong…)

  2. The nice thing about it being cold is hot water bottles

  3. The bad thing about the cold is that when I walk back into my flat my glasses steam up.

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