2-0-0-9 is coming

December 31, 2008

It’s nearly the end of the year. I’ve spent the day anxiously pacing around the flat. I was supposed to be meeting some friends for a drink in Camden but it’s cold and they delayed things and now I can’t be bothered. So, my girlfriend and I are going for a quick Chinese before heading over to some friends’ place for a few drinks. There will be no cocaine, hookers or rock’n’roll, although there may be nibbles. Nibbles are one of life’s depressing constants.

I don’t know if 2008 was a good year or not. I’ll chuck it in the ‘maybe’ pile. It was certainly a very short year… it feels about 4 months long, which is no time at all. Particularly for a year.

I can’t say I have any particular hopes for 2009, other than being better at doing the things that make me happy. Simple, but something I’ve managed to fail to do for most of my life. I will try to live in the now, even though it’s normally the most stressful time to live in. Life’s much easier if you live a few hours in the past or the future. Although it does mean you’re often early or late for social appointments.

World peace looks out of the question, so I’ll cross my fingers and hope that we all avoid armageddon.

Two-thousand-and-nine. Here’s to the future. Happy New Year.


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