Observations in cafes

December 29, 2008

Here are some photos.


The Menu at Jenny’s in Muswell Hill. I like Jennys because it’s cheap and unpretentious. Having said that, can you imagine how bad a hamburger would be with “tender, smoked frankfurter” on top of it? It would be fucking horrible.


An article in The Sun, which I was reading in Jennys. The thrust of the article is that there is OUTRAGE because a leading Bishop is praying for the people who killed a baby. Now, I’m not an expert on Christian theology, but I am pretty sure that you’re supposed to pray for people who have done terrible things. I believe it was Jesus who said something about turning the other cheek, but I guess Jesus never technically wrote for The Sun, did he?


A smoked salmon bagel and chips. These aren’t normal chips – they are somewhere between fat chips and wedges. I’m generally against fat chips. Nowadays you can’t seem to get normal chips – you either go somewhere like Mr Dixie’s Magic Fried Chicken, where you get French Fries in a cardboard box, or you end up in some gastropub where you get organic Maris Piper Wedges complete with Oregano-blushed skins. And I don’t want either of those: I just want chips.


Delicious Frijj milkshake, complete with a picture of Police Chief Wiggum on the side. They’ve been doing it for a while now. It confuses me slightly, because if you were going to launch a Simpsons-related milkshake, why would you use a supporting character? Aside from the fact that Police Chief Wiggum likes sweet things.

Maybe there is a sliding scale for using Simpsons characters for promotional purposes. Homer on your milkshake will cost you £1 million, Mr Burns will cost you £500,000 and Barney will cost you £100,000. You could probably get Professor Frink for about 80 quid. But those are all just guesses…



  1. Will there ever be a black darts player? Not in my lifetime, I think.

  2. Damn. Wrong one. Or was it?

  3. You’re unlikely to ever get Professor Frink playing darts either…

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