Classic tube tunes

For the last few months, whenever I go to Wood Green underground station, I’m assailed by the sound of classical music. It’s not just Wood Green – quite a few tube stations are doing the same and pumping out music through the soundsystem in the main ticket office.

I figured that they were doing it to scare away the “yoof” on the streets, who fear classical music will turn them gay. I’ve read about various other experiments in which groups of kids have been dispersed from troublespots by calming classical music. It also has the effect of making Wood Green station feel 2.5% more civilised. Whatever that means.

The thing is that you would imagine that they would choose quite calming music – a bit of Debussy, maybe some Schubert or some Erik Satie – but the last few times I’ve been there, they are blaring out big Wagner-style epics, the kind of thing that is generally the soundtrack to Vietnamese villages being strafed by napalm. It makes striding along the escalators feel impossibly dramatic.

One thought on “Classic tube tunes

  1. My local newsagent pipes Radio 3 into its every corner, every day. This is an effort by the shopkeeper to reduce sly attempts at theft of pick ‘n’ mix sweets by cunning ‘yoof’ – the theory being that they’ll not want to suffer Berg’s ‘Wozzeck’ for any longer than is absolutely necessary.


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