Not smoking

December 5, 2008

It’s now Friday afternoon, and I haven’t had a cigarette since last Sunday night. Not one. I wouldn’t be naive enough to say that I’ve quit smoking, because I may well be smoking again tonight or tomorrow or next week, but so far so good.

I have succeeded through a combination of Niquitin lozenges and my girlfrend deciding to stop smoking at the same time. Actually, she’s still having the very occasional cigarette at work, but there are no fags allowed in the house, which is really good. I don’t think I’d have the willpower to resist a morning cigarette if they were lying around.

Yesterday I went to the Stop Smoking Clinic and was told that my carbon monoxide levels have dropped from 16 to 3. Apparently that’s good. The funny thing is that the more the Smoking Nurse congratulated me and handed me helpful leaflets, the more I wanted to smoke. If I’m stopping, it’s to please me and no-one else. And the more other people pressure me to stop, the more I want to rebel.

So far I’ve noticed that I’m not coughing so much, there’s no longer a constant supply of phlegm at the back of my throat, and I’ve recovered my sense of smell. Last night I was waiting for a bus when I smelt someone having a fag about 20 metres away. I instantly thought “You selfish fucker! Having a cigarette in public and forcing everyone to smell it,” despite that fact that just a week ago I was doing the same thing. I am well on my way to being an annoying, smug twat. Until I start smoking again.


One comment

  1. Carbon monoxide levels? Didn’t know they could measure such things. *sigh*

    [I’m the last Possibly Related Post (Automatically Generated), btw.]

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