Things I have learnt

November 25, 2008

First of all, I’ve been going to the gym. Until this week I’d been going very regularly (and even showering there) but right now I’m snowed under with work. The TV/Radio system at the gym is broken, so I’ve been listening to my own mp3 player.

I have discovered that Chelsea Girls by Nico isn’t very good on an exercise bike. (Perhaps because Nico actually died by falling off a bicycle). Conversely, Range Life by Pavement is quite good when I’m on the cross-trainer. I suspect that everyone else is listening to Chris Brown or Rihanna, whilst I’m humming along to the Silver Jews and wondering where my rhythm went.

Also, Beyonce. I don’t know what to make of her (maybe a sandwich?). She’s getting steadily more rubbish, isn’t she? I still fancy her though.

Here latest song sounds almost exactly like a cross between One of Us by Joan Osbourne and The Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh. I found out the other day that Chris de Burgh was born in Argentina, which makes us almost brothers. I practically fell off my chair.

Here’s the Beyonce song in all its derivative glory.

Last night I watched BBC Parliament again. For quite a while they were discussing the environmental damage caused by cows farting. I was waiting for a joke about the amount of hot air emitted by MPs but it never came. The ridiculous presenter of The Record Review (I’ve discovered his name is Keith MacDougall) appears to have dyed his hair. Last time I looked it was a John Major grey, and suddenly it is a chesnut brown. The girls in hair and make-up have been let loose on him.



  1. Cheers for linking me, Greg. x

  2. Yes, that’s so funny that serious people seriously debate the issue of farting cows. It cracked me up.

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