headbutting infants

November 15, 2008

Yesterday I was headbutted by my nephew. He’s only 18 months old. I picked him up (he was running after some leaves) and he jerked his head backwards and smashed it into my nose. It hurt. He cried for a minute but was quickly placated by some chocolate. Apparently he does this quite a lot. He’s adorable though. I was walking him through East Finchley with his mother, my twin sister. I still have to pinch myself to remember that my twin sister – who is unsurprisingly the same age as me – has a child.

I had always hoped to remain aloof about kids and refrain from the soppiness that I see in a lot of adults when they talk about babies and small people. But my nieces and nephews are all very cute and loveable and I find myself memorising amusing things they have said, despite the fact that when other people repeat the burblings of their children I find it dull and despicable. And I worry about their welfare in a way that unsettles me. I am accostomed to feeling cynical and indifferent about most things in life, so it annoys me to find myself so desperately concerned that they are happy, or at least not sad. Although I must confess that I leave the details and hard work to their parents and just keep my fingers crossed and touch wood too much.


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  1. You’re doubtlessly deluged with the proud girlfriend’s “show-and-tell” about her nephews. We actually don’t find “the burblings” about your lot in any way “dull and despicable”, so keep them coming!!

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