Heurelho Gomes

For those of you who aren’t Spurs fans, the strange fact is that for the first five games of the season, Heurelho Gomes was our best player. When we drew 1-1 at Chelsea, he was fantastic; calm, assured and commanding his area. And now he’s a crazy liability who gifts the opposition goals and injures himself and his team-mates in the process. He is seriously very very bad. He’s basically become Paul Robinson. I don’t understand it. It’s like there is the spirit of an alcoholic madman inhabiting the goalmouth at White Hart Lane, and whichever keeper plays there for long enough gets possessed by him. It’s the only logical explanation.

The problem with keepers is that once their confidence has gone, they become useless. I still believe that Gomes has the ability to be an excellent keeper, but once a keeper’s mind goes loopy they rarely recover. They have to find a new club or get a cocaine habit.

Still, we beat Liverpool and I put a fiver on that Spurs would score at least two goals. I won £12.50. It was easy, really.

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