Opening windows

Today I did something useful. This is a very rare occurence for me.

My mum phoned up to say that she couldn’t open a window. The people from Virgin Media were set to come round tomorrow to install her cable, but they needed the window open. This was a real pickle. I dashed straight round.

The window wouldn’t budge. It was painted shut on both sides and there was no way to reach the outside of it without a very large ladder, which she didn’t have. I did not despair. I spent 45 minutes chipping away at the paint inside, oiling the gaps to allow some movement, and hammering at the underside of the sill, trying to get it to budge.

At one point my mum told me to stop. “There’s no use,” she said. “It won’t open.”

“We’ve just seen a black man elected President of the USA. This is no time to give up,” I responded.

Al lo, after nearly an hour, the window opened.

From now on, whenever people have given up hope, whether it be the fear that they won’t catch the bus no matter how fast they run, or the worry that they don’t know how to cook a chicken, I shall remind them of Barack Obama. If he can smash through a glass ceiling, I can open a window.

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