Sachs and violins

October 28, 2008

The biggest story in the UK is not the economy or the US election or even Harry Redknapp joining Spurs. It’s the fact that Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross made vaguely obscene phone calls to Andrew Sachs.

The story itself isn’t important. Yes, Jonathan Ross is a prick who was only momentarily funny in the late 80s and Russell Brand is an acquired taste, to say the least. But the real story is the media reaction. The front page of every tabloid and The Mail to boot, all foaming at the mouth with moral outrage because celebrities did bad things – and even worse, they did it on the BBC, funded by the money from HARDWORKING FAMILIES (apparently you count if you’re a hardworking family. If you’re not a family, or not hardworking, you can go fuck yourself). This evening, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of this great nation, felt the need to get involved as well. Because apparently he hasn’t got anything better to do. Never mind the economy, let’s score some points off Russell Brand!

Fucking hell. Can we get the story in perspective? Please. Two celebrities make an offensive phone call. It’s not very funny and not very nice. But it’s not the Holocaust. It’s not mass murder. It’s not even a kid getting stabbed in the eye. But the press won’t be satisfied until everyone has been sacked and everyone’s name (including Sachs and his family) has been dragged through the dirt. Can we please get back to some real news?

Once again: fucking hell.


One comment

  1. I agree completely with your sentiments, the media and more importantly, our members of parliament need to get a grip. They think they are going with the public mood, but forget that there are 65m of us, not 10,000 with the time and inclination to complain to the BBC.

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