October 27, 2008

No celeb spots this weekend. A poor show. Having said that, I hardly left the house.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time over the last week watching 4Music and The Music Factory. Gone are the days when I had Sky and could choose between 400 music channels, all tailored to my indie sensibilities. The thing about listening to mostly pop music is that I begin to like it much more than I should. I find myself humming along to Dido with no shame at all, as my encyclopedic knowledge of what-the-NME-thinks-is-cool shrinks by the day.

My week of pop has led me to the following conclusions:

1) Kanye West is turning into Lionel Ritchie. In his latest video he’s got the goatee and afro and doesn’t even rap. It’s not very good. His videos are getting worse by the day. I saw one last week that looked like an advert for confused.com and this one is a messy farrago of minimalist IKEA furniture and African tribal warriors.

2) I quite like Miley Cyrus. This is worrying because a) she’s about 15 years old b) she’s the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus c) she plays a character called Hannah Montana and d) she legally changed her name to Miley. I can’t help it – when I first saw the video I didn’t realise it was her, I just thought it was another sub-Avril Lavigne teen guitar pop anthem. I was mortified when I realised who it was. The terrible thing is that watching the video makes me want to be a teenage girl: I want to have sleepovers and discuss who is the cutest boy in class. I blame reading my sister’s copies of Just 17 when I was a kid.

3) The popstars who present their ‘favourite’ countdowns clearly have no input into which videos get played. I very much doubt that Mark Ronson considers Joss Stone one of his favourite ‘Brit Pop Girls’ and I’m certain that Slash wouldn’t choose Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi as one of his classic guitar anthems.


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