House Bunny

October 19, 2008

I am not a feminist. Indeed, I quite like objectifying women on a regular basis (through pornography. I don’t have magical powers to turn women into irons or kettles). But even I have my limits.

Watching 4Music and The Music Factory over the last few days, I keep seeing adverts for The House Bunny, which is a crap movie that basically pitches itself as American Pie meets Legally Blonde and tells the story of a Playboy Bunny who ends up in a sorority house and teaches all the frumpy girls how to suck cock to be popular.  The opening voiceover says something like “After years of living the dream as a Playboy Bunny…”

I must have watched the advert about 10 times before my brain perked up. Sorry? Living the dream? Since when is whoring yourself to an elderly man in a smoking jacket “living the dream”?

You do have to wonder what the subconscious effect of the advert is on the countless teenage girls who watch TV and are bombarded with the message that there’s no greater goal in life than sitting around an empty mansion waiting to sexually service a very old man. It’s a bit depressing. Unless you’re an elderly man in an empty mansion.


One comment

  1. Whoring myself to an old man in a smoking jacket is my dream. I don’t judge your life.

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