Bus Video

Here’s a nice video of a journey on the 43 bus (perhaps most famous for the man who was stabbed to death by in an argument with a bloke who was throwing chips at his girlfriend). Music by Saint Etienne.

Talking of buses, today I have come to the depressing conclusion that the noble British bus queue is dead. No-one queues for buses anymore. Instead of an orderly line with a clear beginning and end, there is now just a general melee in which the person who arrived at the bus stop 30 seconds ago may well board the bus before the person who arrived ten minutes before. Given that I am normally the person who has been waiting ten minutes, I resent this.

If I ever become Mayor of London (not after Boris. Then it’s Alan Sugar’s turn) then I will force people to queue for the bus. I will also forbid people from playing music out loud on their mobiles and will ban anyone under the age of 18 from getting on a bus at all. Let them walk. It will solve the problem of childhood obesity and make the buses a nicer environment for everyone else. Two birds with one stone. Never let it be said that I’m a killjoy.

One thought on “Bus Video

  1. “I will also forbid people from playing music out loud on their mobiles “.
    I trully hate them.
    One day I will tell them: please turn that thing off.
    I also think that I will made me a t-shirt with a headphone draw and a legend that say: “This came for free with your movile.Use it”.

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